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Manufacturing engineer

A Manufacturing Engineer is responsible for designing, implementing, and reviewing the procedures and equipment involved in the manufacturing process. Their duties include researching automation techniques, testing new systems for efficiency and planning factory layouts to optimize production. Lead or assist in cost estimating process.


APN is proud to be a part of Schivo medical. This company fusion allow us to learn and grow. This opportunity is for Schivo medical - NY


  • Create, test and implement manufacturing process;
  • Implement manufacturing processes that result in high-quality products;
  • Organize and manage manufacturing workflows and resources;
  • Optimize facility layouts, production lines, machine operations and network performance;
  • Train staff in new and existing processes;
  • Ensure that manufacturing procedures follow safety and environmental regulations;
  • Upgrade systems and processes with recent technology;
  • Provide cost estimations for new and existing projects.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field;
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes, fabrication methods and tool design;
  • Familiarity with manufacturing equipment and quality assurance techniques;
  • Commitment to health and safety standards and environmental regulations;
  • Well-versed in relevant software (e.g., CAD, MS Office);
  • Project management skills;
  • Problem-solving ability;
  • Teamwork skills.
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